Family First Farms – Concentrates (1g)



Here at Family First Farms, We specialize in crafting sun-grown premium Cannabis using greenhouse light deprivation techniques that provide fresh harvest throughout the year. Tucked away in the hills of Northern California’s Mendocino County we cultivate over 2 acres of cannabis. We use only the highest quality nutrients that are food grade and always organic.  We take pride in producing high-end products and enjoy the process. 

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Apples and Bananas 1g Sauce – 84.95% (H), Banana Cream Jealousy 1g Sauce – 84.56% (H), Cereal Milk 1g Sugar – 88.7% (H), Gushers 1g Sauce – 89.32% (H), Hindu Zkittlez 1g Sauce – 80.68% (I), Hindu Zkittlez 1g THCa Powder – 94.79% (I), King Z Live 1g Sauce – 91.1% (I), Lemon Zkittlez 1g Sugar – 91.26% (H), RS-11 1g Sauce – 83.34% (H), RS-11 1g THCa Powder – 94.93% (H), Tropical Runtz 1g Sugar – 89.89%


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