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Need Jeeter, CBx, Raw Garden or any other top brand? We offer them all! 

We offer every Cali brand and product with no minimums, including:

A Marketplace With No Minimums and Every Brand

Finally the RIGHT way to buy wholesale cannabis

Dispensary Depot is the only distributor offering every available cannabis brand. Let us know which brand you want, and we will have it for your within 4 days. We also offer on-demand drop shipping for retailers tired of holding physical inventory.  

Mix and match brands, products and strains as you need. We have it all including Raw Garden, Seven Leaves, Stiiizy, Wyld, Fig Farms and more. 

Dispensary Depot Marketplace

Can't buy Raw Garden or Connected? Now you can. You only want to buy four 8ths of Cannabiotix instead of a case of 32? Now you can. You only want to buy one case of COTC instead of having to buy 3? Now you can. You want 10 different brands of flower for $500? Now you can. Finally a single marketplace you can buy every premium brand without paying brand or distro minimums. Shop thousand of skus in one place. Don't see what you want, let us know.

A Different Way to Buy Inventory

We are revolutionizing retail though our distribution. Retailers need a variety of products in order to attract customers. Typically that would cost tens of thousands of dollars. Not anymore. Retailers can buy a variety of products and double the size of your menu for 90% less than it would normally cost. For those who want to eliminate inventory costs, they can use our drop shipping platform and pay for products as they need them.

Any Brand

Tired of not being able to buy the top brands. Did you default on payment terms? Are their minimums too high? Now you have a distro that offers every brand even if you can't order it directly. Just tell us what product you want, and we will get it to you within 4 days.

No More Brand Minimums

Don't pay $2,000 per order or buy entire cases. Finally, through Dispensary Depot, you can order all your favorite top brands without paying brand minimums. Want to spend $250 on COTC or Raw Garden, now you can. Take back control of your inventory and products.

Pay As You Go

It is simply insane to prepay for a bunch of inventory, hoping it sells. But that's how the current Distro system is setup. With Dispensary Depot, you can buy smaller amounts of the same products as you need them. Pay as you go instead of prepaying inventory.

Why Dispensary Depot?

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Simple Process

Become a member, login, select products, select a delivery date and check out. It is that simple.


No Membership Fees

There is no cost to become a member. Sign up now so we can verify your license and get your first order scheduled.


Drop Shipping or 4-Day Delivery

Select the date and time. We provide 4-day delivery. Or for those who rather not hold products, use our drop shipping platform to instantly fill customer orders.

Join the Retail Revolution


Almost Every Top Brand

We distribute

 any Cali brand you need.

We source and distribute diverse brands, including those not in our inventory.


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