FloraCal – Flower (3.5g – 14g)



Legacy, Small Batch Artisanal Flower; Hand-Grown In Sonoma County

Deeply rooted in Sonoma County, legacy brand Floracal Farms provides a ritualistic experience. From Seed to Table, our top shelf, hand-crafted strains provide an extraordinary palate of full-bodied, aromatic flavor profiles that are hand selected to add variety to your cannabis journey.

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Gastro Pop (3.5g)- H, Goofiez (3.5g) – H, Grape Gasoline (3.5g) – H, Jokerz (3.5g) – H, Maui Punch (3.5g) – H, Kush Mints (3.5g) – I, Permanent Markerz (3.5g) – I, Platinum OG (3.5g) – I, Astro Pop (3.5g) – S, Lemon Zerbert (3.5g) – S, Z Cap smalls (14g) – H, Legacy Biscotti (14g) – I, OG Kush (14g) – I, Lemon Herbert (14g) – S


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