Drippy – Drinks (4oz – 12oz)



Drippy is soda for the high minded, not a soccer mom seltzer. This is drinkable that not only tastes great, but delivers a fast hitting full body high experience thanks to the 1:1 THC/CBN cannabinoid blend. Crafted to the highest quality, all products consist of 100% natural ingredients, making this a soda that will elevate any smoke sesh.

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Drippy Deep End: Cherry Lime (4oz) – 100mg, Drippy Deep End: Juicy Fruit (4oz) – 100mg, Drippy Soda: Strawberry Haze (12oz) – 10mg THC/10mg CBN, Drippy Soda: Grape Sunset (12oz) – 10mg THC/10mg CBN, Drippy Soda: Citrus Fade (12oz) – 10mg THC/10mg CBN


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